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Фотопанорамы и стереофотографии
Photopanoramas and stereophotos

(I don't know english. All translations do a computer.
I excuses for possible inexactnesses of translation.)

Under references on the left you will find 189 interesting photopanoramas , 702 cross stereos of a photography and 158 anaglifs,  done by me in several cities. I gradually add photographies, and gradually them will be even more than now.

All photos of a panorama have height 740 pixels, and all stereos of pair - width 950-1000 pixels, and on screens in the size more 1150*860 they will be shown in the original size. On monitors with the smaller permission of the screen for convenience of viewing they will be shown in a reduced form so that pair stereos were displayed completely on width, and panorama photos were completely visible on their height.  This is made by means of special java -scripts. If beside you small monitor but you want to examine all photographies in their original size, simply save them on its hard disk.

For opening of originals a stereophotos and a photopanoramas it is necessary to "click" their miniatures (in some cases on corresponding textual references), then the window with a photo will open. Else more photographies, executed in several cities Russia (Saint-Petersburg, Penza) and Kazakhstan (Almaty, Astana), see on other my web-site "Photopanoramas and stereophotos".

Pleasant to you of viewing :-)

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